It’s Arrived !!!


     My new novel arrived from the publisher today.  I’m actually holding a printed copy of “The Benediction” in my hand!  It’s almost like holding your new baby in your arms for the first time.  The love and the pride springs up from inside. It’s beautiful! I created this!  What a wonderful feeling. It cannot be described.

     And now I get to send it out into the world.  It must stand on its own, but all the love and thought and creativity I put into it to make it what it is will still be there to share with everyone it comes in contact with.  It’s the same when you send a child off to school or into the outside world.  You have made it what it is up to now.  You have put into it all your love, your values, your time and your work. You have done your best and now you must let go. 

     It’s both exciting and a little frightening to send a child off into the world.  You’re proud, yet hesitant.  You’ve waited for this day to come and now that it’s here you want to hang onto her for a little longer.  It’s the same way with a book you’ve created.  It’s an entirely different entity now.  It holds all your values, your ideas, your beliefs, your compassion, your understanding, your laughter and your tears. You really are ready to share it with those it will enrich.

     Now it must relate to all those readers out there who take a chance on you and your words.  Something about the book, its cover, the description, or blurb on the back of the book, or your background, or maybe it is the first paragraph or first page that prompted them to take a second look and urged them to buy the book.

     Whatever the reason that prompts readers to buy and read “The Benediction”, I’m happy that you are taking a chance on me.  I know it will give you a few hours of pleasure, some laughter and some tears.  I will enjoy sharing the story with you and will take pleasure in sharing my ideas with you.  Happy reading!