About Me

I’ve been doing some kind of writing all my life (a long time).  I’m retired now and still writing.  I had my second book published this year.  It’s a novel called ‘Killing the Cure’ and it’s about two brothers who lost their mother to cancer and are involved in researching the cause of the disease with the goal of discovering a cure.  They run up against some members of a pharmaceutical group who will stop at nothing to keep the cure from being found.  The protagonist discovers that his  girlfriend’s father is the head of this group and their relationship goes up and down as his trust in her wavers.

My first book was a biography of a blind man who refused to let his handicap interfere with his life, and he became a sports figure back in the 1940s.  This was published some twenty years ago.  In the meantime I have worked  as a feature writer for a daily newspaper, a newletter editor for a string of banks, and different public relations firms, as well as a marketing company.

Since I had to do a lot of research for ‘Killing the Cure’, I have become interestd in the ups and downs of the search for a cure for cancer and run across many other medical facts that make up my blogs.  It gives me a chance to get on my soapbox and expose some of the unethical things they are willing to do to keep us beholden to the pharmaceutical companies.   I hope you find them helpful.

I’m enjoying living in Florida where the weather is always warm and sunny (except when the hurricanes come).  I’m a mother and  a grandmother.  It’s much easier being a grandmother.  I’m crazy about good books and was delighted with a gift of a Kindle.  Just think! Thousands of books at my fingertips!  I love the beach and the georgous sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico.  Life is quiet these days after a hectic life of working and children, but I’m getting used to it.  I’m content to write my books -at then present time I have a historical novel searching for a home at a publishing house.  Wish me luck!


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