Don’t Go To The Hospital

Now is not a good time to go to the hospital unless it is an emergency event.  Put off surgery for a few months until the current mess of unsanitary conditions is resolved.

The Food and Drug Administration has issue a recall of many lots of (supposed) sterile equipment already in hospitals across the country.  Iodine swabsticks, prep solutions, scrub solutions and many more make up the suspected list of antiseptic preparations that every patient depends upon during a hospital stay.  This means if you are a patient over the next few months you will be at high risk for infection.

The FDA recall states that “Patients undergoing medical and surgical procedures, including those who are immunocomprimised, have a high risk of infection from antiseptic surgical preparations that have been prepared, packaged, or held under unsanitary conditions.”

More and more we must take responsibility for own health and safety.  Ask the right questions before submitting to services inviolving your health.  It is your most precious asset.


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