Ouch! My feet hurt!

I just returned from a vacation and my feet hurt. We pay so little attention to our feet even though they hold us up day in and day out and often well into the night. Happy feet are so important for our good health.
All this reminded me of an article I saw in the Mayo Clinic Health Letter sometime in June. It was called “If the Shoe Fits”. Here are some suggestions it made that we could all follow:

1. Select lace-up or strap-on shoes with a snug, but not tight fit.

2. Look for low-heeled shoes, no more than an inch high, with a wide-based sole.

3. Get a non-slip sole that’s moderately stiff.

4. Shop toward the end of the day when your feet are the largest.

5. Have both feet measured while standing and try on both shoes.

6. Select shoes based on how comfortably they fit, not the size on the box.

7. Get a shoe that fits, and ask about modifications – such as stretching – that can be made to reduce irritation of a painful area.

I also noted that the Mayo Clinic doctors urged caution for older adults considering a double rocker shoe because walking safely in them requires a level of balance that many older adults don’t have, which may increase the risk of falling.

Follow these few rules and you’ll have happy feet.


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