Confusing message from FDA

Did you catch the announcement from the Food and Drug Administration a few weeks ago on food coloring? If you are a parent of small children, especially one who has some overactive children, you are no doubt concerned with the questions that have surfaced over the past few years about food colorings. Are they or are they not linked to childhood hyperactivity?
In late March an FDA advisory panel recommended the agency untertake further study of this connection, but at the same time said there was no need to add warnings to the packages of dyes. Food packages must now list food colorings, but are not required to add a warning that these color dyes have a possible link to hyperactivity.
The panel was made up of doctors, scientists and consumer representatives. The conclusion of the panel was that there was no conclusive evidence of the link. The vote of the panel was a narrow 8-6 vote against the warning flag on packaging. There has been no word that the further study has been undertaken. The decision cannot be reassuring to concerned parents, in fact, they are probably more confused than before. With food reactions being reported from all over the world every week, we cannot help but wonder what service the FDA is providing to taxpayers.


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