To Your Good Health #2

New Blog – 5/23/2011

To your Good Health
In doing research for my latest novel, Killing the Cure, I uncovered some amazing facts about the pharmaceutical industry and the medical field in general. I am happy to share with you some tips to keep you feeling young, healthy and happy. I hope you find them helpful. To your good health!
Many of us take more prescriptions now than ever before, not just because we are getting older, but because physicians seem to prescribe pills and tests every time we have an occasion to pay a visit. Rather than trying to get to the root of a problem their first reaction is to prescribe a pill. Between my prescriptions and the over-the-counter supplements, I always seem to have a handful of pills to take every day.
In a recent issue of Worst Pills, Best Pills News, a monthly publication edited by Sidney M. Wolfe, M.D., a list for safer drug use is given that is worth passing on.
1. Make sure the drug therapy is really needed.
2. If drug therapy is indicated, in most cases (especially in older adults) it is safer to start with a dose that is lower than the usual adult dose.
3. When starting a new drug, see if it is possible to discontinue another drug.
4. Regularly talk with your doctor about stopping your drugs.
5. Find out if you are having any adverse drug reactions.
6. Assume that any new symptom you develop after starting a new drug was caused by the drug.
7. Before leaving your doctor’s office or your pharmacy, make sure the instructions for taking your medicine are clear to you and a family member or friend.
8. Discard all old drugs carefully.
9. Ask your doctor to coordinate your care and drug use.


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