Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Top of the mornin’ to all Irish from one who’s Irish herself. (and who isn’t Irish today!) It’s a beautiful day in Florida, nearly 80 and a slight breeze. Spring and daylight savings time always bring a feeling of new beginnings and new resolves.
I’m ignoring all bad news today and looking for that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. I remember one day in Ireland we were driving home to Ringrone Peninsula and looking across the Bandon River from Kinsale. There was a beautiful rainbow arching across the sky and it looked like the end went right down our chimney. What a gloriuos sight! (No pot o gold in the fireplace though!) I must speak to himself about that. May you all have rainbows today.


One response to “Happy St. Paddy’s Day

  1. We in Spain lose one hour of morning sleep to daylight settings on the first sunday of Spring. I have always resented losing that one hour as it throws all the excitment of welcoming the spring out of the bedroom window.

    But after reading your words, “Spring and daylight savings time always bring a feeling of new beginnings and new resolves”, I believe I am going to look at it differently. Thank you!

    Sometimes, simple straightforward expressions make a lasting impact on the reader when they are written straight from the heart. you seem to write for pleasure. Please do write more posts here. Contrary to the bloggers looking for lots of traffic to their blogs and to convert them into customers, the ones like you and Marya (whose blog became the reason for me to land here) need to keep writing and thus encouraging newbees like myself.

    I hate to give advice to people. Thus its just a request not an advice.

    Peace to you,

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