To Your Good Health

Happy New Year!  May good health be yours for the coming year!

     I’ve just achieved my first New Year’s Resolution to get my blog up and running and it isn’t even 2011 yet!  I’m off to a good start.

     Did you see the story in this morning’s news that “moderate drinking – a glass or two of wine a day, a beer or even a martini a few times a week  may help people live longer and healthier”?  What will they come up with next?  My first reaction was to check to see who did the study that came up with these results.  No one organization was quoted other than “public health officials”.  It did mention a study called  the “Nurses’ Health Study” , released last fall, which included a database of more than 80,000 nurses who were followed for 20 years.  These showed that “women who consumed two drinks a day were 28% more likely to live to age 70 or older than women who drank only once or twice a week or drank in occasional binges.”      A different study found “that women who had about one drink a day had a 20% lower risk of stroke compared with women who never drank”

     None of the studies mentioned recommended binge drinking, so ladies, beware this New Year’s Eve.  ” Binge drinking” was defined as “having more than four drinks at a time for women or more than five drinks for men – or reaching the legal limit for being too drunk to drive.”

     Have a Happy New Year anyway.


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